Ricksycle Inc. is a family run buisness located in Kerwood, ON, Canada. Kerwood is a very small village in between Toronto, Canada and Detroit, Michigan.

From Our Family to yours

There are five main family members that are part of the Ricksycle team.  Archie is our chief engineer and the father of Ricksycle.  He runs the shop and makes sure everything is done properly.  John is our chief bike mechanic and is in charge of the manufacturing of the frame.  John is always in a hurry as he has a lot of responsibility here at Ricksycle Inc.  Rick is in charge of sales.  Every now and again he is able to get out to the shop and get his hands dirty to help his brother John and his father Archie.  Emily is our secretary and is also in charge of Rick or maybe I should say that the two are happily married.  Toni, who is the mother of Ricksycle, has retired.  Even though she is retired, her job is to make sure Archie is well looked after.  The Hendrikx family all enjoy a Ricksycle ride whenever possible.

There has been one change over the past year.  Rick and Emily's daughter Elektra has taken over the duties of secretary for Ricksycle for a short time before she heads off to college.  Emily is enjoying her time away from those duties.  We have also hired on another mechanic to help keep up with the orders. 

The only thing in life that is constant is change.  So as we move forward, Emily has decided that bookkeeping is not her thing.  She has started her own business looking after little ones in the mornings, which has always been her specialty.  Elektra is off to college to someday be a paramedic.  That left Rick with to much office paper on his desk so he has hired on a helper to keep him sane.  Upon ordering, many of you will talk to Jackie.  She lives local and enjoys her 3 minute drive to work.  John is still run off his feet with his duties when he is not tending to his parenting duties.  He has set up shop at his residence so he can parent and work at the same time.  Archie is still involved in keeping things flowing and refuses to retire as he has to many ideas going on in that brain of his.  Jakob, Rick's son, is about to join the team.  He is finished high school and is not sure what to commit his life to and therefore needs a year to think.  Maybe he'll stay.